1. Wearing the Wrong Outfit 

The wrong clothing can really make a big difference to your senior portraits. If you want your photos to look great, make sure that your clothing is fitted and suited to your body shape and type. You also want to stay away from bold patterns, luminous colors, and logos. 

2. Cutting Your Hair Just Before Your Session 

Your hair plays an important role in your overall look and if you decide to get a haircut or try a new hairstyle too close to your senior session, you could end up with photos that you hate. If you will be cutting or changing your hair, rather do so at least a week before your shoot. 

3. Choosing the Wrong Photographer 

You need to feel completely comfortable around your photographer, which is why it’s important to take your time and do your research before you decide on someone. Be sure to meet with your photographer face to face too, to make sure that they’re a good fit for you. If you’re going to feel uncomfortable during your shoot, it’s going to show in your photos. Also, if your photographer isn’t experienced enough, you’re only going to end up being unhappy with your photos and angry that you wasted your money so make sure that they have experience with senior portraits before you pay. 

4. Rushing Through Your Session 

If you want to be happy with the results of your senior session, it’s very important not to rush. Your photographer is a professional and knows that a successful senior session is going to take longer than 30 minutes so prepare yourself to be in front of the camera for several hours. The results will be totally worth it. 

5. Forcing a Pose or Smile 

The more natural you are in front of the camera, the better your photos will look. If you’re feeling nervous or aren’t sure how to pose, rather ask your photographer to guide you so that you get the senior portraits you’re hoping for.