If you’re in the process of planning your senior photo session, you’re probably looking for a few theme and location ideas. Below are a few fun ideas to give you some inspiration: 

1. Head to a New City If you’re really looking to find some interesting shoot locations, why not head to a completely different city to shoot your senior portraits? You never know what you will find once you start exploring. 

2. Find a Botanical Garden or Park If you would prefer a beautiful backdrop of trees, flowers, and wide-open spaces, use one of the local parks or botanical gardens as a location for your shoot. You will find some great backdrops once you start exploring. 

3. Enjoy a Summer Fair Using a fair as a location doesn’t mean you need to use rides as a backdrop, instead, incorporate the bright colors and bold patterns into your shots. 

4. Take a Trip on a Boat If you grew up on the water, why not use the water and a boat as the backdrop for your senior portraits? 

5. Enjoy a Milkshake or a Latte at your favorite coffee house Think jeans, white t-shirts, milkshakes and keep it causal. Coffee shops and cafes are great for senior portraits as they offer soft lighting and an interesting setting. 

6. A Need for Speed If speed is more your thing, you could incorporate a muscle car or racy motorbike into your senior session. 

7. Head Downtown Take advantage of the graffiti, bridges and unique doorways in the city for an urban theme. 

8. Curl Up with a Book. If you simply love the library or your local bookstore, why not use it as a location for your senior portraits? 

9. Grab Your Mountain Bike Love being outside on your bike? Mountain biking locations make for some amazing backdrops.